Lunch degustation menu

- Steam bun Nikiman

- Miso with tofu

- Marinated cabbage salad with dried kombu seaweed, seasoned with shiso leaves, Japanese plum pulp, honey and brown seaweed, sprinkled with dried yolk shavings with a drop of truffle oil to add flavor to the dish

-The Onsen egg got its name from the cooking method. Since ancient times, the Japanese cooked this dish in hot springs, which are scattered around the Islands. A stewed egg cooked at a low temperature in "salted sea water" (this is water with sea salt added). As a result, the protein remains very tender, and the yolk is almost the same consistency as the protein. With a light Dasi broth (mirin, soy sauce, kombu seaweed, daikon, leeks, tuna shavings, soy sauce).

- Temari sushi: shrimp / crab+avocado / sea bass

- Beef tataki with yakiniku sauce lightly marinated, fried over a rapid fire, followed by thinly sliced beef slices.

Working days from 13.00pm to 16.00pm
650 rubles